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September 04, 2003

CNN.com | Report: Cyclist Lance Armstrong, wife to divorce

Armstrong with wife Kristin, son Luke and twin daughters Isabella Rose and Grace Elizabeth after Stage 20 of the 2003 Tour. (AP Photo)

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- Five-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong and his wife have separated and are planning to divorce, according to a published report.

Armstrong and wife Kristin separated two weeks ago, soon after they moved back to Austin from their European home in Girona, Spain, according to a story published in Thursday editions of the Austin American-Statesman.

Here's the story from the Austin American-Statesman.

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Too bad life with a family was not as important.

Posted by: Emmaus4u at Jul 26, 2005 2:36:21 PM

Well, someone we can finally have as a hero turns out to be another jerk who would rather have fun in life than take care of his responsibilities and promises. Sorry, he sucks as a hero, athlete, and does not deserve one second of praise after divorcing his wife and leaving his two twins for the limelite...

Posted by: mary at Feb 7, 2006 4:52:13 PM

I've just finished Lance's book "It's Not About the Bike" and someone told me that he had divorced Kik, which I thought was hillarious. Its such a shame that I have to find out that it is true. It makes me want to throw away the book and never touch it again. Yes, Lance did accomplished alot of hard battles in cycling and in life, but as far as I'm concerned he lost the biggest battle of all. Hanging on to a relationship that really makes a difference(especially with someone that would do anything for you). I'm sorry you lose Lance.

Posted by: Ashley at Feb 8, 2006 6:31:15 PM

I loved Lance's biography, It's Not About the Bike. His determination and human way of expressing all the challenges of his life engaged me. I wanted a shot of some of what drives him to achieve on the bike and to live life so fully. But, I am greatly disappointed in him for divorcing his wife Kik. After the way he describes her as so devoted to him, picking up her life to make his and hers work, and all she went through to have children with him, it takes away from his true fullness as a human being that the high life he is part of was more important than his wife and children. Sadly, though Lance has learned important lessons from his cancer, he hasn't learned true life values.

Posted by: gail at Apr 16, 2006 4:51:12 PM

To Previous commenters: Please go to Oprah.com and read about Oprah's exclusive interview with Kristin Armstrong(Richards). Lance is NOT a loser, at least according to the most reliable source, that is "Kik". The interview was not a Lance bashing session, only God can pass judgement on both of them, you guys DO NOT qualify.

Posted by: John at May 11, 2006 12:24:20 AM

Thanks John, just a note for you.

There are so many Sports "Heros" that do whatever they want to others and the "Fans" keep loving them. Thats ok for you Sporty.
Lance left her. She still loves him. Duh. She was there for him through his treatments for testy cancer. Had his children. Why on Earth do YOU THINK she would call him a loser? He's out batting around with the likes of Little Ms. Crow till the son comes up on Santa Monica BLVD. Oh, no, Wait, that headline has passed for him also.
People act like the Sun shines from him.

He is another person that let his suffering and his success drive him to be a jerk to those that love him.

You can idolize him, wear your little yellow rubber on your wrist, but don't be amazed when some don't have the Sporty-Rose-Colored shades differ opinion with you.

Posted by: Emmaus4u at Jul 13, 2006 6:06:07 PM

jeez... why are you people so bitter and twisted? Lance is an amazing inspiration to those with cancer (including myself) and I dont think that ordinary people like yourselves should pass judgment on someone infinitley better than you'll ever hope to be. You dont know what happened in their private life, dont know the reasons for what happened. So how can you possibly judge? Seriously, jealousy like that can kill your spirit man.

Posted by: lisa at Oct 29, 2006 2:12:03 AM

Lance, thank you for being such an inspiration. Reading your book "it's not about the bike" gave me a different view on life, "livestrong"

Posted by: Michelle at Dec 13, 2006 7:00:59 AM