January 31, 2004

ecto, spawn of Kung-Log, released to the wild

Kula: ecto 1.0

I'm liking ecto significantly more than I liked Kung-Log, and find myself using it about two-thirds of the time. Now that it's out of beta, the download is a two-week trial version, and the price is set at $17.95.

Ranchero's NetNewsWire has a built-in weblog editor, but ecto has finer-grained support for comments, trackback, and notification, as well as the iTunes support that can insert your current song, as below.

Listening to: Eurotrash Girl from the album Kerosene Hat by Cracker.

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October 30, 2002

MovableType 2.51 released

mtchanges - Revision history for Movable Type

Looks like mostly bug-fixes. I'll probably roll it out a little later tonight.

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September 24, 2002

Movable Type: CurlyQuotes module

photomatt | Curly Quotes for Movable Type

Automagically generated curly quotes without putting curly quotes in your outbound weblog e-mails or other forms that don't handle HTML entities.

Spotted on one of Atlanta's prettiest weblogs, What Do I Know.

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