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November 01, 2005

10.4.3 released; thrill-seekers only for now

I'm one for two with Apple's new 10.4.3 release; it installed without incident on my 12" PowerBook (867 mHz), but rebooted to a kernel panic on the Dual-2.5 gHz Power Mac G5.

I removed all my external devices, ethernet included, and rebooted, still to be greeted by the kernel panic screen. Booting in verbose mode (command-v at startup) showed me a failed dependency when loading the Kensington MouseWorks software, so I came back in safe boot (shift key at startup), ran the MouseWorks uninstaller (by the way, I initially had version 2.6, but upgraded to 2.8 during a brief period of stability, and got the kernel panics back), and rebooted, and, voila, all is back to normal.

It's possible that the real culprit was some interplay between MouseWorks and MouseZoom, which I use to overclock my cursor zooming, but now that MouseWorks is uninstalled, I find that all I'm giving up is custom application settings -- the standard keyboard/mouse drivers do a more than passable job driving my PilotMouse Optical Wireless (bought by mistake: I HATE wireless mice).

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I installed 10.4.3 on my powerbook 15" 1.5 GHz (2004) and I had the same errors. Trouble is that now the powerbook is dead less than 24 hrs after doing the software update. Its doing system beeps and won't startup.

Posted by: SG at Nov 2, 2005 8:18:41 AM

this is so upsetting. i dropped my 60 gig photo ipod. the machine looks fine, just a couple scratches. but when i try to turn it on it will show me the apple icon and then a little picture of an ipod with a (!). then it shuts off. man, that's something you just don't drop on the ground. i think im going to go puke now. send me advice please.

Posted by: jammers at Nov 14, 2005 12:33:43 AM