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February 04, 2004

Why I may be in the market for an iPod mini

I own a Rio 500 (and there's a perfect link for 5 Years Ago in Wired: “It took about 27 minutes to encode 24 songs at the default rate of 128 kbps. But for some reason it missed most of one track.”). Christy has started using it for workouts, but she's gotten to the point where she doesn’t like updating it, since it’s a slow process, and the player doesn’t hold much music.

That got me to thinking. Every song she’s interested in would easily fit in the new iPod mini, with space left over. Once her machine is running OS X, she could share my purchased music from the iTunes Music Store. And she would probably prefer it to the bigger, blander, white iPod.

Of course, I could just as sensibly swap her my 1st-generation 5-gig iPod, and get a bigger iPod for myself, but that would be like buying her a new bicycle that’s — hey! just my size. Unfortunately, the minis aren’t shipping in time for Valentine’s Day.

One of the guys at work is eyeing the iPod mini, as well; again, it’s more than big enough for his whole collection, and he thinks it would be less of a bother when he runs with it.

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