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February 23, 2004

Inside the iPod mini

iPoding.com | iPod mini Dissection

iPoding.com offers a look at the new iPod mini in pieces, including the tiny, tiny 4-gig MicroDrive from Hitachi (formerly IBM).

One of the developers here bought one Friday night, and is pleased so far. It’s certainly a nice little package, and has the same sort of heft as the original iPod, suggesting that This is a Quality Product.

The buttons aren’t backlit (the display still is). One factor I haven’t seen anyone talk about is the display size: It forces the text to be pretty small, which might be a factor for some buyers.

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i haven't got one yet but will soon ijust want to know if it has the same features as the big ipod.
also some people say that the itrip is "shit" and a waste of money ,is this true?

Posted by: iPod Newcomer at May 4, 2005 7:02:26 AM