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January 14, 2004

iServe pieces continue to fall into place

Between Macworld, CES, and the efforts of the open-source community, we continue to move closer to the day when we'll all have an iServe in every pot.
    New or recent releases that help:
  • Ovolab's Phlink is an answering machine for your Mac with full programmability -- you can get an e-mail with the message anytime someone leaves you a message, or give everyone in your house their own PIN code, with calls being routed by PIN code.
  • Perceptive Automation's Indigo interfaces with X10 home automation equipment.
  • There's a detailed writeup on using a Linux box as an iTunes server, complete with Rendezvous support.
  • There's also TunesAtWork, a Java streaming server you can run on a machine at home that provides a web interface to your iTunes library.
  • Finally, on the client side, ElGato has introduced their new EyeHome, which brings your computer's music, photos, movies, and internet bookmarks into the living room, showing them on your TV, and playing them through your stereo.

I notice that this week, I can walk into CompUSA and plop down $99.99 and walk out with a 200-gigabyte drive (after a $70 mail-in rebate). Imagine the price a big manufacturer like Apple would get.

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There is allready a small market of mini-itx home server projects floating around, and frankly the prospects are really excellent! Given some man-hours in properly configuring WiFi and components in a good Linux distro, small (tiny) footprint and optimised CPUs chipsets et al. are a cornucopia of goodies.

The whole "Entertainment PC" pitch is stuck in the 1950's TV revolution, what we need are full-fledged industry-strength miniature all-purpose open-source servers, I totally second your notion of an iServe...

Pushing limited music, TV and video services with dedicated set-top boxen à la TiVO is a stopgap measure at best, those "media console" devices are landfill fodder in any case...

Go iMach, go!: http://www.flyermoney.com/ follow the heart to Define the home server of this millenium (click on the blue & green images for confics, specs and pricing. All prices in EuroDisney dollars ;).

Posted by: flyermoney at Jan 14, 2004 4:26:53 PM