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October 03, 2003

No-cat dialup (apologies to Einstein)

raelity bytes :: OSX to Bluetooth to 3650 to T-Mobile GPRS to the Net

Rael Dornfest provides a good guide to using the 3650's modem via Bluetooth. I had been using directions I found elsewhere, but I don't think they were using the data connection correctly. I think Rael's way is a bit faster.

The phone continues to ROCK! Recent additions include Doris Browser and Agile Messenger (a chat client -- I haven't yet had it fired up when there was someone with whom I wanted to chat).

On a recent work trip to Boston, I was able to grab my miniBook out of my bag and check e-mail while my boss checked into his hotel, without fishing for cables, or even removing my phone from its bag. The browser has trouble with some pages, but does a better job on weblogs than the Sidekick browser, and color photos render beautifully. After Dany Heatley crashed his Ferrari the other day, I checked out the story on ajc.com with my phone, and the photos were very clear.

I've also opened up the phone and cut the missing speaker holes in the back. Some of the 3650s have shipped without the three triangular holes about an inch below the top edge; only the outline where the holes should be is there. DON'T TRY TO CUT THE HOLES FROM THE OUTSIDE, as there's a speaker behind the case there.

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