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September 21, 2003

Ispiri-serve: Bringing file servers home

PCWorld.com - Mirra Brings Big Backup Home

PCWorld previews the Mirra personal server from Ispiri, a cheap ($399) 120-gig file server running Linux aimed at home and small-office users.

Looks like they're another company that sees a few pieces of the puzzle that I envision as an iServe.

They get the small size and headless operation, the importance of being able to access the server securely from anywhere on the net, and the need for seamless integration (they ship client software that automagically syncs your user directories to the server).

What they don't get: the need for the box to be inclusive (they back up both kinds of computer: Windows 2000 OR Windows XP), the value in running web applications like e-mail and a web-server on your home server, and the need for backups that can be moved off-site.

And that's not to mention tying in to home entertainment, the phone, TV, and Apple's .Mac service.

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