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August 29, 2003

miniBooks now support 1152 megs of RAM

PowerBook G4 867 MHz [12-inch Screen] January 2003

The good news is that you can now buy a 1-gigabyte DIMM for the PowerBook 12-inch. The bad news is that it's $499. That should be coming down over the coming months.

Seen at MacMinute.

Also on the miniBook: I was floored to read on one of the rumor sites that the 12" would be revised with a thinner form factor! I want to know what customer told their market research people, "I just wish it was only a half-inch thick." It's hard enough finding laptop bags that fit it now, as small as it is.

I would love for Apple to give the 12" parity with the bigger machines, and sell them based on mobility and screen size (and possibly expandibility, since the 12" doesn't have a PC Card slot or, for now at least, DVI out). I'm hopeful that the tremendous sales of the miniBook (which has been Apple's best-selling PowerBook) might make it happen.

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