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August 25, 2003

Graven idols tour, sponsored by Chick-Fil-A (?!)

Chick-Fil-A is keeping their already tiresome Cows/'Eet mor chickun' campaign alive by sponsoring CowParade Atlanta, where artists create art-cows that are placed on display all over the city.

For example:


Those sure look like fatted calves to me, and from the company that won't even sell me a chicken sandwich on Sunday...

There's also a cow featuring family values poster-boy Elton John:

Hmm...If only there was a cow that could explain why they would do this.

Ah. Now I see.

All pictures from my Nokia 3650 camera phone.

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Lay off the cows! That there (thar) is fine art (with an anglin accent)...

Praise the bovine!

Posted by: Charlie at Aug 28, 2003 7:36:16 AM