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August 08, 2003

$1.419 is good?

Raped At The Pump

I took this picture with my new phone, and e-mailed it directly to Raped At The Pump, a new moblog chronicling gas prices around the country.

It's only one of several moblogs from TextAmerica.com, a dedicated weblog host, that I've already seen linked around the blogosphere.

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I'm out in CA right now. Today, on I-5 in the central valley, I paid 2.15/gallon. In SoCal I've seen gas for around $1.69/gallon, so that's pretty well fits the definition of raped to me.

I remember riding I-5 in the early 70's soon after it opened. Back then you might go 100 miles without a gas station, so you had to plan carefully. But gas certainly wasn't $2.15 a gallon.

Posted by: Paul Holbrook at Aug 11, 2003 1:55:07 AM

I remember the sticker shock at that first fillup three years in our rented minivan: $1.98, if I remember rightly. So far the lowest I can recall is $1.47 or so . . . . yes, $1.41 is good. GA has the cheapest dinosaur juice in the country, as I remember.

Posted by: paul beard at Aug 11, 2003 2:41:56 PM