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July 15, 2003

TdF weblog takes off

The Tour de France weblog has taken off beyond my expectations.

I've had links from Anil Dash and Little Green Footballs, both of which generated some good traffic.

I've had a few links I can't decipher and been named someone's blog of the week. I made the Daypop Top 40 (at number 40).

Today: 2324 visits (the control panel calls them hits, but they're clearly counting referrer hits)

Peak hour was around 160.

I was hopeful that the bike racing books linked from the front page (and linking through my Amazon associates ID) might actually amount to something, but so far there have been exactly ZERO people who have bought squat from Amazon.

Can't talk about TypePad much, but I will say I like it. It's letting me do a lot of things much more easily than in MovableType.

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I made a little dough from AMZN, not much though.

Just get anyone you know who's going to buy anything there to link thought NoTD. You get a little cream off the top on the transaction, even if they don't buy any linked goods.

Posted by: paul at Jul 16, 2003 4:50:04 PM