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July 29, 2003

Moving on - Kicking the Sidekick

When I bought my Sidekick in December, I was jobless, and thought I would be using it primarily as a portable e-mail device and occasionally as a cell phone. By getting a 200-minute plan and a generous rebate, I decreased my monthly cell phone bill. In February, I went back to work regularly, and haven't been as happy with the Sidekick, since the phone is not so great, and it can't be used as a GPRS modem when I travel.

A more general weakness of the Sidekick as a platform is how slowly the developer community appeared, and the fact that T-Mobile essentially has to bless every application on the phone. I'm always happier on a platform that lets you do your own thing, customize your environment, and find your own way.

In the face of dual $150 rebates from T-Mobile and Amazon, I've decided to move on to the Nokia 3650.

I don't have it yet, so I can't offer any firsthand experience, but online reviews suggest it's a good phone, with good reception, a speakerphone, voice dial, and iSync contact support. It has Bluetooth built-in, so I can use it as a modem with my miniBook, and T-Mobile now offers unlimited data usage for $19.95/month.

It also features a 640 x 480 camera, which was a big selling point for me. I have found myself on the road, wishing I had a digital camera with me, a few times lately, but not so frequently as to justify packing my somewhat bulky Nikon.

Finally, theres a lot of software available for the 3650.

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