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May 07, 2003

The Adventure

by Sophie E. Steele in Mrs. Clear's 1st Grade Class

detacated to Cristy R. Steele my mother

There once was a girl named Jessica. She went to a school called Lakewood Elementry. She was only six years old, and in first grade, but for a six year, she had a very wild imagination.

Jessica really really wanted to go on an adventure. She wanted to see tigers in India. She really wanted to see a giraffe. She had seen a giraffe before in the ZOO.

"To the zoo!!" yelled Jessica. She got on her dogs back and went to the zoo. When she got to the zoo, Jessica searchd all of the cages until finlley she found a giraffe. She climed into the cage. She hopd onto the giraffe's back. The giraffe was so scared that it jumped right out of the cage.

Jessica was having so much fun that she did not relize she almost ran over a flamingo. She was riding on the giraffe like a queen. The animal ran all the way to Jessica's house.

And Jessica fell off the giraffe's back, but the giraffe cauht her and set her dowen. She hugged the giraffe. I think that's all my adventure for today. "Bye," said Jessica. She went inside.

"Jessica!!" called her mother, "Will you read a book?"

"Sure, Mom," yelled Jessica, but she had other plans.

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