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March 04, 2003

Atkins Update: Eating on the road

When I stepped on the scales this morning, I was down 37 pounds. I suppose that means I’m over the hump, since another 37 pounds would put me below my lowest post-high school weight.

I thought I would write a little on the torment of Atkins on the road, based on my trip to Miami. I planned ahead, and carried some low-carb bars along on the trip, but you can’t pack enough food for 4 days on a plane trip.

I had the tiny bag of snack mix on the plane down with water. At the conference, there was one meal at the hotel — the standard rubber chicken on rice, with a salad. I ate some of the salad and avoided the rice. Later, on South Beach, I had jerk grouper on mashed potatoes, and ate the mashed potatoes (gasp!).

Breakfast was hard, since my traveling companions were eating the hotel’s complimentary continental breakfast, so I had bottled water. Tuesday evening, I ordered a small pizza, and ate half the crust and all the (meat and cheese) topping.

Wednesday, I skipped breakfast, and finally got a late lunch at the airport, where I had a chicken sandwich from Au Bon Pain. Yes, I ate the bread.

It’s strange, because I’ve gotten this far by rigidly avoiding the carbs, but once I hit the road, I adopted a more pragmatic approach. Even with a few more carbs sneaking in, I still lost 2 or 3 pounds last week.

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