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March 17, 2003

Atkins update: Down 38

As of this morning, I’m at 230, down 38 or so pounds. I highly recommend that people go on diets when their weight ends in a 2, 3, 7, or, 8 — it gives you more mini-motivators. Since I started at 268, I got a little mental boost after 3 pounds at 265, then at 5 pounds lost, again at 8 pounds for crossing the 260 threshold, and again at 10 pounds for losing 10 pounds. If I had started at 270, I would have had half as many ego boosts over the last 4 months…

I had a pleasant chat with a reporter from Boston’s newspaper of record on Thursday. His editor located the site through Google, and suggested a story. I got the decided impression that the story suggestion was “How about a story on food nuts?” since the reporter was also planning to talk to a “whole foods” advocate. He was interested in any religious aspects to Atkins — “Do you see this as a cult? Is it something you intend to do for your whole life?”

I told him I see Weight Watchers (no link, since their site tells me to upgrade from Camino .7 to view it) as more of a religion than Atkins. My parents have both done Weight Watchers, and part of what makes it work is the structure: the rules for eating, the peer pressure of the weekly semi-public weigh-in, the motivation and lessons of the group leader.

Christy and I are doing Atkins out of empiricism, not faith. In case the skeptics are right, we’ve increased our supplement intake (multivitamin, calcium, fiber supplement) and our water intake (and how). I’m still not convinced that I understand why Atkins works, but I’m pretty certain that, for the two of us, at least, it does.

Check out my Atkins archive for even more on low-carb eating.

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