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February 04, 2003

Yes, you will be mine

So I made it so today. I ordered a 12" PowerBook, fully kitted out with SuperDrive, 640 megs of RAM, AirPort Extreme, and 60-gig hard drive. I could have taken one home with a SuperDrive and 40-gig hard drive, but decided the hassle of upgrading the hard drive sooner, and the relatively good deal of 50 percent more space for $50, made it worth waiting for the build-to-order.

My sales experience was good. The Apple Store is extremely low-pressure. I've been there 3 times to look at the miniBooks, and I don't think I've ever been sold to. You just about have to rope somebody in to make a purchase. One of the current promotions nets you 10-percent off anything in the store on a single day, but requires you to buy your machine through the web at one of the retail stores.

The only negative of the whole process came after I had finished ordering the machine. I went to log out of the Apple Store page displayed on the iMac, and couldn't. I wasn't wild about leaving my session and personal identifiers up on a public machine, but neither of the store employees could figure out how to wipe the session. I messed around with it long enough to convince myself that no one could order additional hardware without my password, but still would have liked to remove my information.

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They couldn't shut down the browser? It's not like it's integrated into the OS, for goodness sake.

Posted by: paul at Feb 4, 2003 11:34:33 PM

The problem was the cookie, not the browser. Shutting down Safari, then bringing it back up (the Apple Store page is the home page, of course), didn't clear the "Welcome, Frank" you get when logged in at the Apple Store. Neither did clearing the cache or the history. Many e-commerce sites offer a logout command, but Apple isn't one of them.

I verified that to do anything that matters would require my password, but I just would have felt better "leaving no trace".

Posted by: Frank at Feb 5, 2003 7:45:53 AM

Odd, but still easily solvable: it shouldn't be too much to expect one of the Apple employees to have a login and overwrite the cookie with it? Or even delete the cookie file?

Ah, well, Safari is beta-ware, after all.

Posted by: paul at Feb 5, 2003 5:51:23 PM

Went to the UW computer store today to take advantage of my staff discount (Office X for $200) and saw the new 'Books. I see the appeal of the babyBook. Looks and feels nice, nicer than the iBook. The screens on both are so good, the 15 inchers look gawky.

Very nice. Have fun with it.

Posted by: paul beard at Feb 7, 2003 7:27:54 PM

You probably should have re-initialized the autoexec.bat.... :)

Posted by: Shane at Feb 10, 2003 10:24:41 AM