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February 06, 2003

The more I use Windows, the more I like my Macs

Paul is lamenting the braindead nature of Windows here and here, and although I stood to defend the dark (and dumb) side last time he went on this particular bender, I can't do the same this time.

I've been using my Windows box at home some more lately. I spent some time with it, got my (ATI) TV tuner card hooked up and working, and had started using it whenever I wanted to watch TV and compute. Over the weekend, I booted it up, and ... BIOS messages, Win '98 screen, and ... nothing. Switched to safe mode, went to reset the video mode, rebooted, and ... nothing.

I went so far as to try to reinstall Windows, from the boot CD I used to install that PC, and the CD won't let me. Apparently, I've updated Windows (through the official Windows Update) farther than the CD will reinstall over. So at this point, I'm considering wiping the whole damn box and installing Linux. At least, that would put me 1 step closer to an iServe.

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Woohoo go for linux. I've actually had the same thing happen with windows before as well.

Posted by: nf0 at Feb 6, 2003 9:24:30 PM

Peace Love and Linux, man! Fight the future!

Posted by: Howard Fore at Feb 6, 2003 9:24:58 PM

Time for FreeBSD if you really want something solid.

You won't be sorry.

Posted by: paul at Feb 6, 2003 10:28:04 PM

Paul -- Lord knows I need more different operating systems running in the house. Looks like FreeBSD should support my motherboard, CPU, network card, and sound card. The ATI TV tuner card isn't listed in the supported video-capture hardware list, but no other general video cards are either. Does FreeBSD use XFree? Is there a video4linux-style project?

Posted by: Frank at Feb 7, 2003 7:43:30 AM

Everything uses Xfree86, even hardware that isn't based on x86.

Sign up for [email protected] and ask: I'm sure someone can tell you.

And lots of stuff for linux runs in the compatibility layer or can be built from source.

Posted by: paul beard at Feb 7, 2003 3:32:35 PM

You probably just forgot to tweak out the config.sys & autoexec.bat first... did you load himem with any arguments?... :) just kidding, people!

Posted by: Shane at Feb 10, 2003 10:21:49 AM

Oh, Shane, you are so clueless -- he just needs to upgrade to WinXP Pro, the best Windows ever! (Okay, that's actually true, but you can't hear the sarcasm in my keystrokes.)

Posted by: john at Feb 11, 2003 11:09:51 PM

Actually, there was a thread about TV cards in another list (the KDE FreeBSD porters/users list). This assumes you run KDE on your machine (I prefer it to GNOME).
See if there's any information here.

Actually, WinXP does look nice: I have it installed on our newest system but it's kind of neutered since I'm forbidden to network it (virus paranoia).

Posted by: paul at Feb 12, 2003 9:23:00 AM