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February 02, 2003

Frank gets a real job

As of February 1, I have a full-time job again.

It's a long story, but in a nutshell, the company I worked for through April 2002 closed up shop in January because it couldn't afford to go on.

One of the investors in that company had invested through a secured note, with the company's assets as its security. When the company closed down, it assigned all its assets to partially offset that note. The investor believes in the idea enough to build it out and see what happens, so I'm going to be a part of that.

More as it happens.

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Congrats. I look forward to seeing the Big Pager[tm] at my bus stop Real Soon Now . . . .

Posted by: paul at Feb 3, 2003 1:01:19 AM

Best of luck! 2nd times' the charm.. or was it the 3rd time... hmmm...

Posted by: Shane at Feb 4, 2003 5:33:40 PM

Sure didn't get long to pull the trigger on that MiniBook, did it? New job ==> new Mac. Congrats!

Posted by: john at Feb 6, 2003 6:29:22 PM

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