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January 07, 2003

Atkins update: down 20

Not a lot to report, but I will anyway, since I've reached a milestone. I'm down 20 pounds in the 7 weeks I've been on Atkins.

I haven't had another Coke since the one about 2 weeks in. I did sneak 2 french fries after a hard day moving a friend, but more for the novelty than anything else. I wanted to see if they would drive me into a reasonless potato lust, and how I would physically react to them. It was all anticlimax. They were fine, but that one taste certainly didn't leave me craving more.

We have tried some of the Atkins alternative foods. Some of the chocolate is pretty good. My mother made us some hamburger buns out of the Atkins bake mix, and it was nice to have something vaguely bread-like cradling the burger, but the consistency is closer to cornbread than bun. Christy likes the milkshakes, and I have started using sugarless breath mints to fill the hole left by Altoids.

My verdict is unchanged: This seems a tolerable way to lose weight, but it's not a lifetime destination. It's very hard to start making a change when I'm still losing 2-3 pounds every week.

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I haven't had another Coke since...

I don't know what your consumption level was, but I recently read somewhere (I forget where) that people who normally drank a few soft drinks a day lost 2-3 pounds a week smiply by giving them up.

And please try to avoid artery-clogging trans fats, i.e. hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.

Posted by: john at Jan 8, 2003 8:37:36 PM

yeah, replacing Coke with water will do you a lot of good right off the bat.

Posted by: paul at Jan 8, 2003 10:36:49 PM

No question that the elimination of "a few soft drinks a day" is partly at work here.

My trans fat consumption has dropped tremendously, as well, as I've given up chips, french fries, chicken fingers, and the like. The only trans fats that still sneak in are from Buffalo wings, my default bar food on Atkins.

Also, I'm taking in very little sugar or white flour....

Posted by: Frank at Jan 8, 2003 10:55:44 PM

Speaking of protein and carbs, my boss is reading The Circadian Prescription and said it's helping him feel great and sleep really well. It got great reviews on Amazon.

Posted by: john at Jan 10, 2003 9:57:32 AM