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December 18, 2002

Tallahassee.com | 12/17/2002 | FSU

Tallahassee.com | 12/17/2002 | FSU QB Rix declared ineligible for Sugar Bowl

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Sophomore backup Fabian Walker, whose topsy-turvy collegiate career reflects the Seminoles' 2002 season, will make his first start for FSU. He has thrown just eight passes in three games since joining the team two seasons ago.

Georgia rolls over the Criminoles . . . .

And I loved this tidbit:

Rix was in violation of a university policy that has its roots in the so-called "Deion rule" instituted by the Board of Regents after the 1989 season. That rule, in which a student athlete failing to take a final would be automatically suspended, was enacted after Deion Sanders participated in that season's Sugar Bowl although he reportedly did not attend final exams.

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