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December 08, 2002

Right-wing media

The Rightward Press (washingtonpost.com)

Washington Post columnist EJ Dionne advances a theory I've believed for a long time: rather than the liberal bias cited by dittoheads and the NRA, the press has actually become fairly conservative.

I remember a study in the Columbia Journalism Review from the late '80s which actually reviewed the tilt of papers' institutional editorials (the unsigned opinions that represent the opinion of the paper, more specifically the editorial board).

The study found that on local issues, papers were all over the map, but leaning liberal. On presidential endorsements and other national issues, they tended to lean right, as the corporate parents (families that owned the paper, ownership syndicates, whatever) nudged the opinions in their preferred direction.

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Sometime recently I caught a bit on CNN with (the much slimer) Rush Limbaugh talking about media bias. He was yet again advancing the liberal bias theory by quoting some study of the voting records of Washington reporters. It's really rich coming from him - a media person who is rabidly Republican castigating liberals in the media. Either he assumes that he is the only one intelligent enough to balance their baises in coverage or he readily embraces his own bias while attacking others.

Posted by: Howard Fore at Dec 10, 2002 9:39:05 AM