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November 05, 2002

You have been un-assimilated

I finally did something yesterday I've been meaning to do for a long, long time.

I dumped AOL.

I was a charter subscriber to AOL, back when dial-up was either into a bulletin board system or to a university gateway, and loved having a single "go-to" location for any new Mac freeware/shareware. As a charter subscriber, I got a price break, so for the last too many years, I've been paying $9.95/month for essentially nothing.

With DSL in the house, essentially free Earthlink dial-up access included with the DSL, and Frank out of a job, it seemed just the time to unsubscribe.

I actually tried to unsubscribe once before, but didn't have the patience to jump through all the hoops (I think at that point you had to unsubscribe online, and I didn't have AOL on any of my machines then).

Yesterday, it was fairly easy. I got handed off to a second representative, Mike, who asked me for the mailing address.

Hmmm....I thought, was that 2 addresses or 3 addresses ago? I guessed right -- it was Hill Street in Athens, but couldn't remember the ZIP code without a little assistance from Mike, who could review our online activity for the last 18 months, and see we haven't used the service in that long.

"Mr. Steele," he said. "You've been with us since I was 11 years old. Why do you want to unsubscribe now?"

"Well, Mike," I answered. "We've been meaning to unsubscribe since about the time you were 15."

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Likewise, I unsubscribed from CompuServe a couple of weeks back, after paying $2.50 a month for several years of nothing. I couldn't even remember the basics of my account and it was a guess as to which address to associate with the service.

Posted by: paul at Nov 5, 2002 3:44:46 PM

I'm on the verge, as well. Just have to see if my nephew can live without it, as he uses my AOL "bring your own access" account.

Posted by: john at Nov 5, 2002 5:15:24 PM