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October 30, 2002

Yet another Mac news site

MacNewz: Breaking News Headlines for Mac Users

More ammunition for the RSS vs. fair use debate: This is a new site ("with OS X native fonts!") that looks to have just taken the RSS feeds from every Mac site with a feed, and a few general sites, and thrown them together between a few ads on a very, very, very long scroll.

I was initially going to link to it for the index, which I thought would make a fair set of bookmarks for Mac users, but the links don't go to the named sites, just to the section on MacNewz that shows that site's headlines (and sometimes the lead of their story).

The site looks fine, but the single scroll was a design mistake; it would work better if the front page showed the latest headlines from a variety of sites, and had links to sections for "Headline News", "General News", "Rumors", and the other divisions, which would aggregate the headlines from the 2-7 sites in that division. I was tempted not to scroll down by the time-stamp on the first news, which currently is late last night, but lower sites can have more recent updates, since the ordering is alphabetical, not chronological.

Also a little strange is just how little news shows up "above the fold," i.e. on your monitor without scrolling. I get six stories, all from one site. Even within the "one long scroll" paradigm, this could have been alleviated by having the index move from the center column to the left-hand nav bar position, displacing the "Macintosh Products Guide" link. Better still would be to mix up the stories, and display them chronologically.

Spotted at MacMerc.

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