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August 22, 2002

Giving the suckers an even break

55% say Jaguar should have upgrade pricing (The iMac)

I'm in agreement. If I were emperor of OS pricing, I would charge full retail for folks who hadn't licensed OS X, and a lower price (the article above suggests $79) for registered OS X users.

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I agree with this: 10.2 is going to an improvement, and is likely worth it, but I can't help thinking the early adopters who trumpeted the benefits in the newsgroups are due a little discount.

Posted by: paul at Aug 22, 2002 11:58:22 AM

I totally agree there should be upgrade pricing. Reward the faithful, Mr. Jobs! (Personally, I've been a little less than faithful, having let my Radius 81/110 Macintosh Clone age to uselessness. But I hope to get another Mac before too long, and I guess it'll come with Jagwire or the following version.)

Posted by: john at Aug 22, 2002 10:32:07 PM